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What good is your content if your customers can’t see it? We make your content visible to masses so you can achieve your marketing goals. 

Content Marketing Strategy Design

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Regular Monitoring and Reporting

We Share Your Content Marketing Goals

We tell your story in a way that your potential customer does not want to miss reading them!
Content marketing isn’t all about telling the world that you can do something, it’s also about how well you can do it and how it benefits the world. As an SEO and Content Marketing agency, we at Marketing Blink, share your marketing goals. We believe that great content can drive great results and are well-equipped to write compelling stories for your brand that your audience cannot shake off their minds for a long time.

Blog Posts

Blog Posts


Product Descriptions

Long Form Article

Consistency is the key

Your target audience has questions about your brand and content is the answer. It’s the king of marketing and plays a lead role in creating awareness about your business, growing audience engagement, developing brand presence, and delivering resounding sales success. It’s a mission-critical method of marketing that cannot be done away with and to make it more effective and result-driven, consistency is the key.

It’s all about consistency

The most effective and proven method of driving traffic to your website is through engaging, consistent, and high-quality content that you develop for blogs, SEO, and social media marketing. 

Your Content Marketing Agency Takes Your Content To The Next Level

Let’s engage to engage your audience

Traditional marketing avenues are no longer sufficient to drive revenue into your business.
Words have the power to engage people. The stories you weave, the words you play with, and the content you create have now empowered business owners like you to drive people to your brand and achieve easy conversions. Easier said than done? Let us explain.

Copy Writing

We don’t hire writers, we hire word wizards who spin words and stitch them all together with just a flick of a magic wand and turn them into these whimsical stories that yield conversions and generate new leads. We call these wizards copywriters and their job is to understand your business, your audience, and then break down your products and services into a language that connects the people with your brand. They magically place themselves into the shoes of your audience and see your brand from their perspective, so there are no missed shots, only the planned and targeted ones.

Content Marketing Strategies

Content Marketing doesn’t mean creating content and distributing it, it’s much more than that. Before you approach a subject over which you have to create content, you design a strategic approach that makes your content distribution effective. As part of our content marketing service, we make sure that your content marketing strategy has the following core elements:

1. Brand positioning

A brand without a clear brand positioning is like a ship stranded in the massive ocean with no clear direction to circumnavigate the challenging waters. As a business owner, your brand must be positioned clearly in the industry it belongs so you can locate your potential customers and nail down the experience they are looking for. A good brand positioning also sheds light on the competition and highlights the unique value your brand adds to the competitive landscape.

2. Business goals

It’s also important to identify your business goals before diving deep into designing your content marketing strategy. Once you know where your business is headed, it becomes easier for you to achieve your goals. A clear business case makes up an integral part of a workable content marketing strategy.

SEO Blog Writing

Content marketing isn’t simply about “writing content”. Your content should be compelling, engaging, and must aim at solving a particular problem while also appealing to the potential customer and readers. Blog content writing is an integral part of the SEO blog writing services that optimize the written content around the keywords that your potential customer normally searches or is likely to search about. A fully optimized blog increases your chances to hit the bull’s eye than a normal blog that isn’t pulled up on Google searches. When you optimize such content to rank top on Google search, it becomes an SEO blog. 

Content Development

We work in a planned and organized manner. We don’t just provide you with content, we make organized content calendars for your brand so you can which day of the week or which week of the month your audience is going to read what.

Content Distribution

What good is well-written content if it doesn’t reach the desired audience? Content without proper distribution is like shooting arrows in the dark, risking them to land anywhere. Having high-quality content won’t serve your business any purpose if it’s not finding who it’s meant for. When we create content for you, we optimize it for search engines so it can be pulled up when a customer search for related terms.

Content Optimization

Once your content is ready, it should be optimized to gain visibility online and reach as many readers and potential customers as it can. Optimized content marketing comes into play when your high-quality content needs the right amount of keywords and optimization on the search engines so every time a reader enters a search query, its relevant searched can pull up your website or blog or anywhere your content is published.

Press Releases

You are ready to roll out a new product or offer a new service and want the right people to know about it too? Writing a press release is your answer. The main purpose of a press release is to announce and promote something of high significance. As part of web content marketing, we offer press release writing services as one of our core content services to notify the masses about anything new you have come up with or share something important about your business on websites, blogs or social networks.

Content Marketing Packages

Blink Basic

75% Off $249 Per Month

• 2 On-Site Blogs
• 10 Product Descriptions
• 1 Guest Blog (500 Words)
• 5 Star Reviews (2)
• 1 Infographic
• 2 Web Page Rewrites
• Content Calendar
• Multiple Revisions Included
• SEO Friendly Content
• 100% Plagiarism Checked
• Turnaround Time – Within 3 Weeks
• Royalty Free Images
• Content Distribution
• Monthly Report

Blink Basic

75% Off $249 Per Month

• Content Marketing Strategy
• 20 Product Descriptions
• 4 On-Site Blogs
• 3 Guest Blogs (500 Words Each)
• 5 Star Reviews (5)
• 10 Web Page Rewrites + Content 
• 1 Book Writing
• Dedicated Copywriter
• 2 Infographics
• 1 Video Script
• Content Calendar
• Multiple Revisions Included
• SEO Friendly Content
• 100% Plagiarism Checked
• Turnaround Time – Within 3 Weeks
• Stock Images
• Content Distribution
• Monthly Report
• 1 PDF / Month

Blink Basic

75% Off $249 Per Month

• Content Marketing Strategy
• Multiple Product Descriptions
• 10 On-Site Blogs
• 5 Guest Blogs (500 Words Each)
• 5 Star Reviews (10)
• Multiple Web Page Rewrites + Content Update
• 2 Book Writing
• Dedicated Copywriter
• Internal and External Linking
• 3 Infographics
• 2 Video Scripts
• Content Calendar
• Multiple Revisions Included
• SEO Friendly Content
• 100% Plagiarism Checked
• Turnaround Time – Within 3 Weeks
• Stock Images
• Content Distribution
• Weekly Report
• 2 PDFs / Month

What Sets Our Content Strategy Apart

A question that every business owner asks us is, what makes you so different from others? While we can come up with hundreds of traditional answers that you might get to hear or have already heard from other content creation companies, we don’t believe in making empty promises until or unless you have seen the results yourself. But we can tell you one thing for sure, and that is:

Content is as much our passion as it is
your business need.

Unlimited Revisions

Because it is our passion to write for you, we don’t mind revisions. No matter how many times you revert the content to us, we take it gladly and try to sculpt it according to your specific business needs and goals.

Quick Turnaround time

While every writer believes in working at their own pace, we understand that your business needs won’t wait for us to get the right moment to begin scribbling on the paper. We make sure that when we write for you, we deliver it as quickly as we can to prevent any inconvenience or unpleasant delays on our part.

Content Originality

A true writer visualizes first in their head and then opens the flood gates of words to let the story flow naturally through their pen, which in our case, is a keyboard. We are strictly against plagiarism and our writers are eager to tell original stories.

Audience Suited Engaging Content

Anyone can tell a story, but it takes a truly skilled and experienced storyteller to understand and analyze their audience first before embarking on the journey of words and images. We don’t just dive into crafting content for you right away. We first analyze who is going to read it and then optimize it according to their engagement level and relevance.

Blogs That Carve Brand Identity

Good quality content shoots too many birds with just one arrow. Our blogs are not just a pretty mambo jumbo of words that appeal to your reader, we create blogs that build your brand identity and establish its recall. We want people to remember what they read and connect your words with your products and services.

Regular Reporting & Evaluation

Once you assign the job of creating content for you, we keep you apprised as soon as the campaign is on. With regular reports and constant evaluation of the campaign, you can keep your eyes on how our content strategy is working out for your benefit and influencing conversions.

Why Us as Your Content Marketing Agency?

Why Us as Your Content Marketing Agency?

Whether it’s the first time you are reading about a Content Marketing Campaign or you already knew about it but weren’t much aware of its significance, it might surprise you that your competitors are already using a highly effective SEO content marketing strategy and your target audience might already be exposed to the content your competitor is pushing out. Better late than never!

  • We know marketing, as You know your business.
  • We can bring potential customers to your business sooner than you can imagine.
  • Our team can whip up content so powerful that it can establish your brand as a trusted authority amongst your
  • Being a 360 marketing firm, we offer a holistic suite of marketing services and solutions that take the hassle out of waiting
    and worrying that your competition might be gaining an edge over you.
  • We conquer your competitor by weaving stories and content strategy that has the power to sweep your customer off their
    feet and make them addicted to your brand. 
Partner with us today and watch the magic of our Content Marketing Service unfold in real-time! 

Content Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

Popular content marketing services start from making content strategy, creating content, publication and distribution. It also includes promotion and optimisation of the content.
Investing in content marketing helps you find potential leads and increases your brand’s reach. People will remember you if you keep posting content on your website.
A content marketing strategy is when it covers all crucial factors for a successful campaign and helps your band win massive sales.
The content marketing cost varies depending on the scale of the business and the desired goals. However, the average price lies between $5000 to $50000.
Since great things take time, the same is true with content marketing. Sometimes a few content pieces are clicked at a high rate, and sometimes it takes months for content to start showing results.