PPC Management Services That Increase Conversions, Drive Traffic, and Boost Sales

If you are running a small company, franchise, or e-commerce business, and have a digital presence as well, your primary focus should be on driving traffic to your website. Today’s digital landscape is all about traction.

The more traffic you generate, the better and brighter are your chances of increasing ROIs and conversions. Companies today are increasingly on the lookout for new and effective advertising avenues to maximize conversions while staying perfectly within their budget and reaping the maximum results. A successful PPC Management focuses on a holistic PPC campaign that ensures your success as a whole.

PPC Management Services

Pay Per Click Strategy Tailored To Your Business Needs

PPC or Pay Per Click advertising is today’s one of the most effective ways of advertising on Google to pinpoint your most qualified audience. This form of digital marketing allows you to approach your customer exactly where they are looking.

Targeted marketing gives you an edge over competitors because you are not shooting in the dark. With a well-crafted and thorough PPC campaign, you gain a leg up against your competition and reach your audience quicker than the rest.

Your Brand Needs PPC To Thrive Like You Need Food To Survive

Marketing Blink specializes in various forms of social media marketing strategies and building targeted Google Ad campaigns like Pay Per Click to deliver a customer PPC campaign for your business. Our aim is to help you increase conversions as well as your ROI with our bulls-eye PPC services.

Why Choose Us As Your Google Ads Agency?

We work to earn your trust, so you succeed in earning the fruit of your hard work

Today’s digital landscape is proliferating with various mediums of advertising. However, you need someone who can provide you with results-driven integrated digital marketing solutions that are the right fit for your business. Our vast knowledge of the subject and our expertise in Google Ad services will ensure that when you put your trust in us, we’ll make sure that you get exactly what you came to us for.

Determining your PPC

Determining your PPC search engine marketing targets and goals

Recognizing and identifying your PPC

Recognizing and identifying your PPC campaign metrics

Establishing your PPC

Establishing your Pay Per Click campaign design to drive traffic to your website

Reducing your PPC Management expenses

Reducing your PPC Management expenses by designing an effective and cost-friendly PPC campaign.

What Does Our PPC Advertising Include?

PPC Advertising is a time-saving, cost-effective, and results-driven method of generating and driving more traffic to your website, resulting in more leads and increasing sales. A good PPC Management Service will offer you a holistic bundle of PPC services that are tailor-made to suit your business needs. When you choose Marketing Blink, you’ll get the following PPC Advertising services:

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

A 360 market analysis of the industry you are operating in and narrowing down the digital competitors

Research of the local competitors who are investing in PPC with higher ad positioning

Analysis of search terms, search volumes based on months or years

Goal setting for your revenue and cost-per-lead

Result Driven Ads

Result Driven Ads

Thorough keyword research to track down what and how people are searching about your service

Copywriting and creative ad designing to ensure high performance

Split-test of Ad copies and creatives

Competitor research of ad copies and creatives

PPC Ad Tracking and Analyticss

PPC Ad Tracking and Analytics

Tracking of the following:

Ad positions by campaign

Click-through rate

Cost-per click

Leads, calls, and sales

PPC Campaign Management

PPC Campaign Management

Bids management for each campaign

Keyword monitoring of each search query and bid adjustment

Monitoring of average ad position, click-through rate, and cost per click

Further optimization of campaign for better results

PPC Search Campaigns

PPC Search Campaigns

Search based paid ads that target the right consumers

PPC-ad-specific landing page optimizations

Coordinated paid search and SEO campaigns

Result Driven Ads

PPC Advertising Across Multiple Platforms

Paid social media marketing campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, and more.

Management of Google Ads campaign and Google Local Services ad

Full Spectrum of Google Advertising Agency Services

With every passing day and the proliferation of new methods in the online landscape, devising an effective advertising plan and a workable marketing strategy has become a bigger challenge than ever. With the constant support of a cutting-edge Google advertising agency at your disposal, you can navigate through the digital waters with significant ease and convenience. To achieve your advertising goals, Marketing Blink, a PPC company, offers a holistic bundle of Google ad services that are catered to your specific advertising needs and designed to make your brand succeed in gaining visibility and generating leads.

Pay-per-click Advertising

If your primary goal with digital advertising is to get more customers and gain more traction, then Pay-per-click advertising is the right choice for you. It’s an advertising model that requires you to pay each time a user clicks on your ad. These ads typically appear when people search for things online using Google. These ads come up with respect to the relevance of your product with that of the search query inserted by the internet user.

Pay-per-click Advertising
Remarketing And Retargeting

Remarketing And Retargeting

What was before a streaming platform for entertainment seekers now has become the leading network of business ads that intercept users when they are streaming videos online. Advertising your brand on YouTube can be more profitable than on television, owing to the quick action that can be elicited by the user when they see your ad. Our expert team of paid media marketing creates visually compelling video ads and In-stream YouTube Ads to attract users to convert and increase sales.

Display Advertising

Display Ads are typically shown on the videos, articles, or websites that your average consumer browses. They are visible across a wide range of platforms and remain displayed for a specified period, as part of your Google Display Ad campaign. What makes them more effective than other types of ads is the control you have on the channel where you want to display them.

Display Advertising
Search Advertising

Search Advertising

Today’s shopping world is different. Your audience likes to be informed about the products they wish to buy before they make an actual purchase. With the internet crowded with relevant information and platforms where a customer can read about the product they are interested in, it gives you a perfect avenue to make your product relevant with Google search advertising. In this type of advertising, when an online customer searches about something and their search query contains the keywords that are in your ad too, your product will come up right on top of the Google page to grab their instant attention.

Video Advertisement

What better way to intercept a potential customer than when their attention is piqued and their focus is on the screen? Video advertisement is all about pushing promotional content in the form of video before, during, or after streaming content. Video advertising also includes display ads with video content that begins to play when a person hovers the mouse over them.

Video Advertisement
Social Advertisement

Social Advertisement Services

Social advertising or social media advertising is by far one of those most effective forms of advertising catered to changing demands of today’s dynamic world of business. It maximizes your brand’s visibility and increases user engagement in ways unachievable by traditional means of advertising. We use data obtained from social media users to track basic user behavior surrounding their buying habits or general internet activity. We use this knowledge and analysis to map online consumer behavior and devise a social media campaign that achieves the desired results.

How Our Google Adwords Agency Work Towards Your Success

We are strictly against the “all words and no action” policy, so we keep it simple and straight. We give you a glimpse into our working model so you know exactly what you are walking into. We believe in knowing you, about your business and brand, studying your product and the industry you are operating in, and then making a strategy that suits you using data-driven insights and effective methods.

Extensive Industry Research

Extensive Industry

One size doesn’t fit all and the saying applies to business as well. Every business is different from another, including its goals and purpose. We understand this and do not try to apply one formula to all brands who come to us for our services. We invest a significant amount of time in understanding your brand and researching your products, industry, and services. In addition to that, we also study your target audience, understand their behavior, research their interests, and deep-dive into your current strategy and campaigns to pinpoint the gaps we can fill in with our own unique services.

PPC Strategy Formulation

PPC Strategy

Once you are on board with us, we dedicate an account manager to kickstart the process of designing a PPC campaign for your brand. Keeping all the important things in mind like your target audience, keywords, monthly budget, and a number of campaigns required, we start to formulate a campaign for you with the help of our copywriter and designers who work diligently to compile a list of creative assets based on the strategy we devised.

Careful PPC Management

Careful PPC

Once the campaign is launched, it can’t be left unattended. Careful campaign management is required to analyze its effectiveness and the results it’s generating. We make sure that we keep our eyes fixed on your ad campaigns to improve your conversion rates and increase the bottom line. As an agile PPC agency, we regularly test the performance of your PPC ad, strategically manage the bids, test and analyze the performance of landing pages, and perform thorough research on the keywords.

PPC Monitoring and Evaluation

PPC Monitoring and Evaluation

Mere management of a campaign is not enough. A good PPC advertising agency will make sure that a dedicated resource is keeping an eye on your ad campaigns, monitoring their performance, and evaluating it from time to time to ensure complete transparency with you. We also report to you about the performance of your PPC campaign and our dedicated account manager walks you through the reports generated by our team, explaining all the details to clear any confusion regarding the campaign.

Partner With Our PPC Management Company; We Will Make It Worthwhile

Running a business is not easy. You have to get new customers, retain the existing ones, and remarket your products to the potential ones. Between all this and more, you also have to focus on bringing product innovation and finding ways to defeat your competition. If your ad campaign fails to reap the right results during all these efforts, watching your money wash down the drain is extremely disappointing and taxing on your mind. But, with the right PPC management company by your side, you have the peace of mind that someone with the right expertise and skills is taking care of your ad campaigns while you are focusing on making the service of your business better for your customers and winning new ones. We want you to focus on your business front, while we take care of the backend with our cutting-edge, highly effective, and tried and tested PPC campaign that is sure to increase your ROI and generate more leads than you can imagine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Short for Pay-per-click advertising, PPC advertising is a simple and effective mode of digital advertising where you put your ad on display over the internet and pay for every time an internet user clicks on your ad.

The total amount that you are willing to spend on your PPC ad campaign is called PPC ad spend. Also known as advertising spend, PPC ad spend is your ad network budget for a year or the month that you allocate for each platform.

If you are unsure about how to allocate your ad spend on multiple networks or platforms, at Marketing Blink, our dedicated client management resource can walk you through the easy process of understanding your ad spend and how to invest smartly in it.

A PPC ad campaign cost is variable and depends on the business or industry you are operating in. Another factor that affects the cost is the kind of campaign you want for your business and the strategy you want for your brand. On average, a PPC ad campaign costs about $10000 per month or less, depending on the size of your business.

Google Ads is the search engine’s advertising program whereby you can create your online ads to reach the desired audience that may be interested in your brand. This platform is typically run of Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

There is no uniform approach when it comes to an advertising strategy. Your business type, your target audience, your products and services, and your existing brand equity determine the strategy that works for you. Furthermore, if you are advertising your business on the internet, you need a lot of research and analysis that goes into pinpointing which strategy works the best for you. At Marketing Blink, we have the right expertise and skills to devise the best PPC strategy for your business, so you focus on expanding your business while we do that back work for you.

Yes, you can. Weekly campaign check-ins are recommended by most PPC experts so you can design a proactive approach for your next move, like exploring new, high opportunity keywords to target so you can get an edge over your competition.