Top Youtube Advertising Service For Your Business

Make Visually Compelling Stories That Drive ROI and Grow Your Brand

YouTube is today’s biggest social network that offers video streaming services for the masses. We put the power of YouTube to real work and use YouTube advertising to grow your brand and generate new leads.

Top Youtube Advertising Service For Your Business
Make the most of the second biggest network after Facebook

Expand Your Reach with Youtube Ads

Your brand is more than just a business; it’s a whole personality that reflects your values, culture, people, and the industry you serve. Brand awareness then becomes integral to the success of any business. Like other social media networks, YouTube also offers the opportunity to business owners to expand their reach and improve brand awareness to ultimately achieve new leads and improved sales. All you need is the right YouTube marketing expert to shape up your visual content and make it compelling for the viewers.

Partner With The Dream Team

Our in-house videographers, video editors, and designers are ready to make your brand shine with their innovative ideas for your visual content. They work hand-in-hand with our clients to create visually compelling stories and creative videos that engage the viewer and keep their hooked to your channel.

Partner With The Dream Team
Add a new dimension to your
brand personality

Add a new dimension to your brand personality

Each video we create for you has a unique story that adds a new dimension to your brand’s personality and makes it more trusted for your potential customers. Our visual stories are weaved in such a way that it opens a new window for you to tap into your audience’s mind and connect with them on a deeper level. The videos we create for your brand evoke empathy for your brand’s ethos and keep your narrative cohesive and consistent across all your marketing touchpoints.

How do YouTube Promotion Services Work For A Business?

YouTube offers a unique opportunity for marketers and business owners to target specific audiences and new prospects with YouTube advertising tailored to improve brand awareness, drive more traffic, enhance sales, and generate new leads. While the viewer is on the video streaming platform, they see targeted ads that appeal to their needs and likes. Clicking on these ads takes them to the business website and increases the chances of a potential sale.

These YouTube ads can be targeted in the following ways:



Likes and Personal Interests

Likes and Personal

Contextual marketing


Unique behaviors

Unique behaviors



Marketing Blink has a team of YouTube advertising experts that leverages the above touchpoints to create a winning YouTube ad campaign for your brand. From display ads, overlay ads, skippable video ads, to non-skippable YouTube ads and bumper ads, our marketing team is adept in tapping into a wide variety of audiences with YouTube ads to start conversations and drive more traffic to your website.

YouTube advertising experts

YouTube Advertising Services We Offer

Video marketing involves gimmicks and tactics that are meant for every stage for the sales funnel. Marketing Blink’s team of experts can handle it all.

Video Content Creation

Video Content

We know how to engage attention through compelling video stories and start a conversation. Our team of videographers, video editors, producers, writers, and designers is trained to create video content for every stage of the sales funnel. From Social engagement videos, how-to video tutorials, animated whiteboards, to Vlogs, corporate films, and video ads, you get the best video content for your business and keeps your audience coming back for more.

YoutTube Video Promotion

YoutTube Video

Once the video content is up and running on your YouTube channel, our social media managers and digital strategists develop a strategy that promotes the video content on your channel. The strategy is meant to improve watch time, video impressions, total reach, and user engagements.

Video Optimization


Simply putting up a video is not enough in today’s overcrowded webspace. Each social media channel is cluttered with brands aiming to promote their ranking. To make sure your video content will make the cut, our SEO experts optimize your channel by curating playlists, decided YouTube ad lengths, adding keywords in titles, captions, tags, and descriptions, and promoting videos on other channels via emails, subscribers, and cross-platform engagement.

Description Writing


The YouTube description box is meant to be filled with key-word optimized content to improve the video’s ranking on YouTube. Our copywriters know which description is going to capture attention and make your video appear more often on a user’s home feed by including primary and secondary keywords in the description.

YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads

YouTube video advertising also offers ads for businesses to promote their products and services across a wide variety of audiences. Our full stack of YouTube Ads services also includes Youtube banner ads, Youtube instream ads, and other YouTube video ads.

YouTube Reporting


All our YouTube Advertising campaigns are tailored according to the unique demands and needs of your business. We don’t use cookie-cutter techniques to design our campaigns. We choose the ideal campaign for you based on your business requirements, growth objectives, marketing budget, and target audience.

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