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Social Media Marketing, A Real Power To Utilize

In this modern era, things are turning digital and online platforms are now playing a vital role in executing digital marketing strategies. More than 70% of businesses want their presence on social media because they know its power mere social media presence is not enough. You must have a well-constructed, well-planned, and customized social media marketing strategy for your brand that heightens your brand awareness and leaves a lasting impact on social media platforms.

Why Marketing Blink?

Marketing blink is one of the well-known social media marketing agencies, having a team of experts who establish robust social media strategies that help businesses to engage with their targeted audience and initiate communication with new customers on all the digital channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube, etc.

To build your presence in the digital world, you need to show the robust existence of your business on these key social media platforms.

We are a team of highly skilled digital marketers, dedicated to providing vital social media marketing services and believing in achieving result-driven outcomes that drive your business to incredible heights.

Trust Marketing Blink to take your business to incredible heights.

Social Media Marketing 2022 - Facts

Earlier, social media was a place that people used to visit for entertainment. That time is gone now because this dynamic platform has the power to make or break your business. With the engaging tools, digital marketers run a social media campaign and just one click can visible your brand to the world. With a well-designed social media marketing strategy, you can defeat your competitors in a shorter time which seemed impossible with the other traditional marketing methods. Anyhow, the digital world is evolving and new changes are noticed day by day. If you do not keep up with the social platforms then it will be challenging for you to compete and grow your business.

  • 93% of marketers use social platforms for business purposes.
  • Now, most marketers think that social media marketing strategy is very important for their clients and business.
  • More than 92% of American businesses are adopting social media campaigns for growth.
  • B2B marketers are generating leads from social platforms.
  • 90% of marketers noticed an increase in brand exposure through social media advertisement

93% of marketers use social platforms for business purposes

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Our Prevailing Social Media Strategy Assures Winning Business Goals

Building an effective social media marketing strategy is not simple. A team has to work their fingers to the bone in building a practical marketing strategy. A team has to use their expertise and in-depth knowledge of the current social media landscape, the latest trends and sensations, and a lot more knowledge of social media to build a well-planned and adequate social media strategy for your business.

A devoted social media marketing agency will get your back in dealing with all the social media chores. At Marketing Blink, our social media experts promise to turn your social presence positively by engaging more traffic and generating leads.

Remember! A dedicated team will take your business to the peak of success.

Here is why!

We Say No To Robots / No bots, Only Humans

Keeping our eyes open with an active mind, we work on the latest trends acha techniques with a personalized knowledge of social media. In the digital world, we must know what's new and what has upgraded, and in Marketing Blink we know what works in social media marketing. Undoubtedly, automation has captured the world but when it comes to showing your social media presence, people need the real you. That's why we provide self-conservations and engagement so that people trust their brand and plan a successful future with Marketing Blink.

Content is the main key

Ever wonder why content is the main key? Because it is based on the search of your audience. It's easy to post different things on social media but the content is important as it generates traffic to your website and creates engagement. We share content not only for engagement and traffic but to be informative and motivational for our audience.

We lead, We follow

Your social platforms seem more influential if there are millions of followers there and can increase the chance of making real changes. But some brands only want followers but do not intend to follow other people or accounts and we are different here. We work distinctly by doing both, we follow as well as we lead. It is important to follow others to lead one day and the following gives you a chance to meet your potential audience.

How much to pay for Social Media Marketing Services?

Spend money to make money

Social media marketing is now an essential element for every business and one should have a social media marketing plan but you all must be wondering how much you had to pay for availing of these services. The cost depends on the package you select for your business as well as on the size of your business. Moreover, the kind of strategies you opt for, keeping the budget of your business in mind which includes brand marketing and advertising as well. An average cost of a social media marketing campaign is around $900 to $7000 per month and if you want to include the social media advertising campaign then it can cost you around $450 to $6000.

Social Media Marketing Packages

We Are Known For Our Work

We are proud to have these amazing clients and we would love to have you on this list.

Social Media Marketing Services By Us

Before jumping into the social media services we offer, share an understanding of how you want us to create leading-edge social media marketing strategies by answering these questions.

  • What is the reason behind
    being on social media?
  • Who is your
    targeted audience?
  • What are your plans for sharing on social media?
  • When do you
    want to share?
  • Where will you share
    the informative content?
  • What do you expect to achieve out of your social media campaign?

Having a clear vision of your expectations from the social media marketing services will help us to engrave a unique space for you in the social media space through which you can achieve your desired goals while we, being your marketers will find our ways throughout the process for bringing up an effective and strategic social media campaign for your respected business.

Media Marketing Strategies

Content Creation

We generate content to promote your product and services, deliver the highest number of customer engagements, and attain brand loyalty.

Posting Plans

The reason for creating post planning is to engage with your targeted audience with the post strategy that is already planned and tested.

Lead Generation For Long-Term

You chose social media marketing services to gain lead generation as it is always an ultimate target but it shouldn't be a temporary lead. That's why we use special social media campaigns and strategies to have long-term benefits instead of just receiving one-time benefits.

Posting In-Action

Our postings on the social platforms are always active and scheduled to show the social media presence to the customers which result in customer engagement and adds value to your account. Our main aim is to drive the conversation from the postings that eventually result in conversations.

Specialized Ads

To achieve more potential audiences, it is very necessary to attract them and that is why we create special and attractive ads. From running video ads, collections ads, carousel ads, and more use a broad range of social media advertising by using different tools and techniques. This will improve customer engagement and the customer will visit your account to see more content on your page.

Genuine Interaction

We believe that people prefer genuine interaction and for that our social media marketing involves utilizing real and compassionate approaches for customer engagement. This will improve your brand image and your brand will appear more trustworthy and reliable in the customer’s mind.

Appealing Visual Banners

We have an expert design team who not only create visually appealing ads for your social media pages but also these ads are a source of customer engagement. Nowadays people are much more attracted to artistic and aesthetic appearance than simple text on websites or social platforms. We make your social media pages appreciatively appealing which emerges a positive image of your product or service to promote your brand.

Engaging Customs Posts

Engaging content is necessary but our social media pages require engaging postings. This is because people don't have so much time to read the content on social media pages. That's why a pleasing and clear post holds more attention than plain text. We design engaging posts keeping the customer's choice in mind with themes and colors for diverting attention and leaving a long-lasting impact.

Regular Social Media Reporting

If we work for you then we are obligated to provide regular reports about your social media business. You need to monitor the progress we are achieving by running social media campaigns and strategies and that is why we provide regular reports without any hassle.

Why Outsource Social Media
			Marketing Services

Why Outsource Social Media Marketing Services?:

  • You can utilize your time and energy in other business operations.
  • An up-to-date and on-trend social media account.
  • Your brand actively will be maintained 24/7.
  • Your social presence will highly increase.
  • Your followers will gain a better personal experience.

Your goal is to provide a vast range of expertise with comprehensive experience in community management.

Purposeful Features Of Social Media Marketing

In-depth social media audits

Before running campaigns or starting your social media presence, it is necessary to identify the problematic areas, and for that, we do an in-depth audit. With an in-depth audit, we will design strategies and run campaigns to improve the problematic point and enhance your social media presence.

To develop a distinctive brand voice

It is very important to maintain a brand image in both communications, whether online or offline. We develop a distinctive brand voice that enhances your social media presence and if you haven't got one then try to surge one across all the digital platforms where your brand has a social presence.

You should have your brand logos, images, and social media posts aligned according to your brand’s guidelines.

Clarity and stability are very essential when it comes to maintaining customers’ trust and brand loyalty. You being our customers expect stability from our side and that's why we follow each guideline given by your side. All the designs and logos are created according to the brand’s guidelines given by you.

Aiming to adapt your brand’s tone on every point.

Every brand has a different personality and unique brand tone and to adopt that on every point is our responsibility. We assure you to present your brand according to your brand tone in every social media marketing campaign, communications that include online discussion, and during customer engagement and queries.

Participate in social discussion

Social media presence is not enough sometimes and that's why for gingerbread, it is important to participate in social discussion. This helps in showing and identifying your brand everywhere necessary.

The impact of your branding efforts must be measured

There is a lot of effort while making a social media marketing strategy and that's why we keep an eye on the metrics for knowing the impact and outcome and whether there is any increment in your sales or subscribers or not. If it happens it means we did a good job.

Develop your marketing mannerism

In marketing mannerism, we compile information about your audience’s minds for tracking their perspectives. This helps in clarifying a unique marketing persona to create a substantial representation for your targeted customers.

Social Media Marketing FAQS

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to reach potential customers and the likes on your social media pages will engage your brand with more audience in a form of brand awareness. The aim of building a social media presence is to increase sales and generate traffic to your business website by the engagement of possible customers.

The myth of using social media platforms for entertainment purposes only is now ended and people are availing many benefits from it. To utilize its benefits expertise is required and that's why hiring a social media agency is necessary. A social media agency will not only take your business to the desired goals but helps in creating a well-researched social media marketing strategy which is not possible without the skills of an expert.

Small business owners always look for opportunities to come into the front to showcase their brand to potential customers. The reason why social media marketing is important for small businesses is that it helps in targeting the audience and attracting new customers. Moreover, small businesses can gain customers only through online platforms so it is necessary to show a social media presence.

When talking about the results, you always have to be patient in it, especially if the social media marketing campaign is from the beginning. It can take up to 6 to 9 months for the campaign to start to work. Results also vary on the industry your business operates in.

Yes, you can. If you will actively engage with your customers on social media platforms, sharing real content, asking interactions with your customers, and adding social media icons on your website can definitely increase your followers. Hiring an excerpt social media marketing agency like Marketing Blink can help you in increasing your social media followers with result-driven social media marketing strategy and campaigns.