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Make your brand visible on the biggest social media network for working professionals. If you are looking to generate new leads, boost your brand awareness, and drive more traffic to your business website, our LinkedIn Advertising service is cut out to promote your brand on LinkedIn and help you fulfil your marketing goals. 

Get the Best Out of a 740 million Users Network

With advertising and marketing taking new dimensions, businesses today need to integrate their brand into the digital landscape and leverage the power of social media to grow their reach. LinkedIn, often seen as a network for working professionals only, is frequently overlooked. However, at Marketing Blink, a leading LinkedIn Marketing Agency, we help businesses harness the potential of this platform through our comprehensive LinkedIn Marketing Services.

Our expert team understands the intricacies of LinkedIn’s targeted social media marketing strategies and develops tailored strategies to reach your business audience effectively. With our LinkedIn Marketing Services, you can connect with industry leaders and decision-makers, ensuring your brand is visible to the right professionals who will most likely engage with your business.

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As a full-service marketing agency, Marketing Blink offers winning LinkedIn Ad services, while curating cutting-edge and brand-specific campaigns, for you. Meanwhile, you can just focus on expanding your business. 

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Grab the Attention of The Industry’s
Top Executives

You can target your preferred audience with respect to their occupation, experience, industry, education, location, and other demographics. Your products or services can directly be promoted to the key decision-makers and high-level executives within a large organization thanks to targeted LinkedIn ads that effectively drive a wide array of KPIs and get your brand the awareness and traction you aim for.

Tap the Most Professional Audience for Your Brand Outreach

LinkedIn users provide a detailed biography to the network that makes it easy for the network to place them in various job segments, facilitating recruiters to find candidates and helping job seekers to find the right job. Marketers and advertisers can leverage this segmentation to design their LinkedIn advertising strategy. You’ll have the ability to engage with your preferred audience based on their demographics, job title, and the company they work for.
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Get Connected With The Largest
Community of Professionals

Get Connected With The Largest Community of Professionals

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Linkedin Marketing Services We Offer

We understand that you have a lot on your plate when it comes to running a business. We aim to take the hassle of understanding, developing, and executing a LinkedIn marketing service with strategies for your brand on your own. We do the groundwork for you, while you can focus on the big picture. Here are the LinkedIn advertising services we offer: 


Company Profile Creation

Content is an integral part of every advertising strategy. We work in close alliance with you to create unique sponsored content; including company profile creation, Ads copy suggestions, and LinkedIn articles to be shared on LinkedIn company pages. 


Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is the native
ad that appears directly on the LinkedIn feed of your targeted audience. We promote your products and services via Single Image Ads that targets a
specific audience. 


Text Ads

Text ads let you easily create
your own ads within your allocated budget. We craft the right message for your business, and propagate it to the audience you wish to reach. 


Video Ads

What better way to engage
with your audience than interacting with them directly. With video ads, we can help you engage with your audience via interactive content that appears regularly on their feed. 


Sponsored Messaging

LinkedIn is a platform for professional conversations. We leverage this feature to engage with your prospects, via Message Ads and Conversation Ads. 


Dynamic Ads

Once you have engaged with
your target audience, then comes the need to boost your conversions with personalized ads. We place your product and services directly in front of your target audience through LinkedIn Dynamic Ads. 

We understand your business goals, and our services mentioned above, help us carve out a unique space for your brand in the industry; and craft a LinkedIn advertising strategy that wins you more sales, while boosting conversions.

Why Should You Advertise On Linkedin?

The Most Ideal Demographic for Your Business 




Ads Placement 




Better Brand

Achieve Your Business Goals With Marketing Blink’s LinkedIn Advertising

Our team of LinkedIn Advertising specialists is thoroughly skilled in the art of brand advertising and product marketing, to have your business promoted and generate new leads; making it possible for you to get double the return on your investment, while getting the desired brand recall. Partnering with the right LinkedIn advertising agency, can help you successfully leverage each and every feature this platform offers, making your brand standout as the most trusted one in the industry.
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How Does a LinkedIn Ad Campaign Work?

Linked ad campaigns are targeted to meet your specific advertising goals.


Keyword Research

We do extensive keyword research to select the most relevant and high-converting keywords for your medical spa. We ensure your website appears in front of your desired audience by targeting the relevant keywords.



Link Building

We create high-quality backlinks from authoritative medical and beauty websites. These backlinks generate visitors to your website and boost its authority and credibility in the eyes of search engines.


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On-Page Optimization

Our professionals boost the relevancy and search engine visibility of your website by optimizing its meta tags, headings, content, and images. To improve the user experience, we also optimize your website’s load speed and mobile responsiveness.



Local SEO

If your medical spa has a physical presence, we will optimize your business listings on Google My Business and other directories. Your medical spa will appear in local search results when potential consumers seek services in your region.

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Frequently Asked Questions

LinkedIn Advertising is promoting your brand on LinkedIn through a Linked advertising strategy and LinkedIn ads. It promotes your online presence and engages with working professionals through various ways and methods. 

LinkedIn Ads are comprised of text ads, video ads, image ads, carousels, message ads, as well as personalized ads. The purpose of all these ads is to accurately target your preferred audience through effective content that resonates with them and makes them want to interact with you.

LinkedIn offers certain LinkedIn advertising tools that help marketers design their LinkedIn paid campaigns that perform effectively and help businesses make more revenue with better brand awareness. If you wish to advertise your business on LinkedIn, it’s always better to hire the services of a specialized LinkedIn advertising agency to do the groundwork for you.