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Conquer the Competition with Yelp Advertising

Place your business ads on your competitors’ pages and let your customer find you while they are looking for a service you may be offering.
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Get Discovered by Millions of Affluent Buyers

Yelp Ads work in the same way as any other search ads like Google or Facebook. You get preferential rankings by paying for the ad placement which helps you target your potential clients when they are already making up their mind to spend on a service you may be offering.

Dominate the World of Customer Reviews

Positive customer reviews can help your business get more traction in the digital space while offering you ample opportunity to engage with more customers and boost your sales. With the right Yelp advertising partner by your side, you can propel your business to newer heights and dominate the world of over 184 million reviews.
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Why Advertise on Yelp?

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Yelp Advertising Services We Offer

Yelp is an incredibly effective platform that offers user reviews about local services.
We at Marketing Blink help you connect with Yelp users through an effective Yelp advertising campaign that makes it easy for you to increase your reach and connect with your customer while they are already on the lookout for your service. Here’s a peek into our Yelp ad services. 


Yelp Account Creation

If you don’t have a business page on Yelp, we can set it up for you. We know how to fine-tune the technical nuances of the review platforms to get you the best target audience and search trends. 


Yelp Optimizations

Once we set up your Yelp business page, our digital marketing experts begin optimizing your page’s listing by sharing engaging content in relevant categories with impactful CTAs and effective keywords. Our backlink experts also work their magic to redirect visitors to your Yelp page, further increasing your chances for a successful conversion.

Brand Awareness

Now that your Yelp page is up and running and a winning campaign is now in place, we use effective strategies to build your brand awareness on Yelp. Our actionable strategies help your business climb up the search ladder and start showing up on search engine results. We also engage actively with reviewers to build trust and loyalty.

Monitoring and Upgrading

The success of every campaign is determined by how well it’s performing. We keep a close eye on the performance of your Yelp ad campaign and keep monitoring the analytics to ensure targets are being reached. We also stay updated about the changing trends and make sure your Yelp page is optimized accordingly.

Regular Reporting

Once our work is done, we share regular reports with you to keep you apprised about the success of your ad campaign. From sharing search engine rankings to the latest statistics about website traffic, we make sure you are in the know of every penny you have spent out of your ad budget.

Our Yelp Promotion Process

Before we take your business to the world of Yelp, we plan out our strategy by adhering to a process that determines results.
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Maximize Your Brand Visibility With Marketing Blink’s Yelp Advertising Services

As a Yelp Advertising expert, Marketing Blink creates and manages Yelp ad campaigns for brands to maximize their reach and get better ROI for their ad spend.