Pin down the right audience for your business with Pinterest Advertising Services

Drive more traffic, increase engagement and boost sales with Pinterest Advertising services. With the help of an experienced Pinterest advertising agency, you can now approach a user base of over 250 million people and generate new leads for your business.
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Reach more interested leads

Pinterest may appear similar to other social media platforms that are popular amongst marketers these days. But it stands out amongst all social media channels due to its nature of being a place where people save ideas, pin down products and services they like, and content that they want to review later. This opens up new doors for businesses to place ads in front of consumers who save products and come back later to consider them for purchase.

Build More Brand Awareness

The best part about Pinterest advertising is that users on this platform are actively looking for products to buy. With over 442 monthly active users on Pinterest, it becomes a great place for brands to build awareness and promote their products. Pinterest ads show up on a user’s feed and search in the regular Pin format, making the experience more seamless and unimposing while the users can see your content with interest.
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Connect with a large female audience

If you are running a business that offers female products or services or things that appeal more to females, Pinterest is the right platform for you to advertise your brand. With 71% of their total user base being female, you can truly leverage the platform by promoting your products or services on it.

Increase Your Referral Traffic by 99%

The main use of Pinterest advertising is to drive more traffic and create brand awareness. You can increase your referral traffic by almost 99% and take your targeted customer to your website’s landing page to reach the end of the funnel.
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Stay in Top Search for Almost 2520 Hours

Other social media platforms may remove your stories or tweets after a while. With Pinterest, your pin has a half-life of at least 2520 hours. This longevity makes your Pins a long-term asset for your brand.

We Direct Top Pinners Towards Finding Your Brand,
While You Focus on Growing Your Business.

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Pinterest has the potential to get you an average of 20% more clicks in the month after launching a Promoted Pin campaign.

Pinterest Ads Management: Leveraging Success through Expertise

Running a business demands unwavering dedication, leaving you with limited time and energy. Amidst your commitments, our specialized team handles the groundwork for you. As proficient Pinterest ads management experts, we excel in crafting and executing high-performing advertising campaigns that yield undeniable results.

Our process is designed to leverage the potential of Pinterest advertising and garner absolute results: 

In-depth Research

We don’t initiate any ad campaign without carrying out an in-depth analysis and research of the brand, industry, business, and audience. Running ads on Pinterest requires a deep understanding of your product or service and the challenges we might face in planning a campaign around them. Our research involves keywords and hashtags that are relevant to your brand. 

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Competitor Analysis

It’s important to keep an eye on the competition whilst planning and strategizing an ad campaign. We conduct a thorough analysis of your competition and plan out ways to make your brand stand out using its unique USP and success stories 

Campaign design

Once the research and analysis is done, planning a Pinterest ad campaign becomes fairly easy. We begin to build a winning campaign around our findings and design a strong suite of marketing collaterals to make your campaign a resounding success.
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Strategic Execution

Every campaign design is determined partly by the strategy and research, and partly by the creative execution. We design compelling visuals for your brand to capture immediate attention and bring the consumer to the far end of the sales funnel.

Monitoring and Reporting

The success of every campaign is determined by how well it’s performing. We keep a close eye on the performance of your Pinterest ad campaign and share regular reports with you to keep you apprised about the success of your ad campaign.
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Why Advertise on Pinterest?

  • High-intent web traffic to your website through Promoted Pins
  • Increased engagement with target audience due to customized Pinterest ads
  • Better sales and conversions
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Get Your Brand More Visibility by
Advertising on Pinterest

We help you maximize your exposure on Pinterest and get your brand more visibility in the crowd.

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Elevate Your Brand with Pinterest Paid Advertising with Marketing Blink

Pinterest Paid Advertising will lead your Path to Elevated Brand Success.

In today’s digital realm, Pinterest Paid Advertising is a potent tool that can skyrocket your brand’s visibility and drive impactful outcomes. At Marketing Blink, we specialize in harnessing the full potential of Pinterest’s advertising platform, and we’re here to be your guiding force on this journey.

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Advertise on Pinterest With Us

Interested in knowing more about our Pinterest advertising services? Get in touch with us today and get on the road to a successful Pinterest ad campaign. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Pinterest marketing is the strategic use of the social media site Pinterest to promote businesses, products, and services. It takes advantage of the visual character of the network, where users discover and share photos and videos known as “pins.” Businesses use Pinterest marketing to develop and curate content that appeals to their target demographic, generating website traffic, increasing brand visibility, and increasing sales. 

Yes, Pinterest marketing can be beneficial to a variety of organizations. Pinterest’s distinct visual discovery platform attracts people seeking inspiration, ideas, and products. Pinterest can be a helpful marketing platform if your company offers things or services that can be aesthetically displayed, such as fashion, home decor, recipes, or vacation experiences. However, success on Pinterest, like any marketing approach, demands a well-defined strategy, persistent work, and an awareness of your target demographic.

The amount of Pinterest followers isn’t the only element determining whether you can be rewarded. While having many followers can increase your reach, the key to earning money from Pinterest is often interaction and content quality. Businesses and brands can work with Pinterest users (influencers) with a modest, engaged, relevant following. These influencers can advertise items, services, or businesses to their followers, perhaps earning money through partnerships.

Focus on the following steps to increase Pinterest engagement: 

  1. Create eye-catching pins with high-quality pictures that complement your brand.
  2. Improve discoverability using essential keywords in titles, descriptions, and board names.
  3. Follow a consistent pinning plan to keep your material fresh and engage your audience regularly.
  4. Create compelling pin descriptions with natural keyword integration to boost clicks.
  5. Join specialist group boards to broaden your audience and increase your involvement opportunities.
  6. In pin descriptions, include explicit call-to-action (CTA) cues to direct user activities.
  7. Use rich pins to add information and increase user involvement.
  8. Increase visibility by sharing Pinterest material on other social media channels.